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Why You Should Invest
In Home Insulation! 

There are three main reasons why Maryland should invest in home insulation upgrades: Energy Savings, Increased Comfort, and Building Sustainability!  
Maryland homeowners save on average 35% on heating and cooling bills when Department of Energy recommended R-value is installed. During the summer, homes can experience above 7 degree temperature difference between upstairs and downstairs. This lack of insulation can lead to decreased indoor air quality, moisture exposure, and mold. 

Plus, right now, you can get up to 75% off based on your energy savings!

Get Up To 75% Off Attic Insulation!

Attic Insulation

It’s very rare to find homes without any attic insulation, yet, many of the attics we inspect have old, damp and compressed insulation that is ineffective. In addition, pests or rodents are able to get into attic spaces, making your attic insulation an unpleasant mess. Even minor roof leaks can dampen insulation, compacting it and causing mold or musty smells.

Wall Insulation

Up until recently, understanding where your wall insulation might be underperforming was difficult. But the high-tech infrared imaging system our energy auditors use can “see” through your walls while a blower door test is operating.

Basement Insulation

The first main insulation area to focus on is the intersection of the floor joists and the sill plate, or top of the basement wall. This area often is leaky and can conduct heat so it needs to be sealed with insulation. Spray foam insulation does the trick and is applied to instantly air seal and provide an effective high R-value insulation for these areas.

Crawlspace Insulation

To insulate the floor above the crawl space, the experts at York Home Performance apply Tyvek sheets to the floor joists. Then we’ll blow in dense pack fiberglass insulation in the cavities between the floor joists. The techs will leave a little sag in the Tyvek so that we can increase the R-value of the dense pack insulation for a more effective thermal barrier.

Our Customer Reviews 

"Ready To Make The Next Step"

Patrick came by to perform an Energy Audit at my house. He was prompt, thorough, and provided great communication.
He answered all of my questions and gave me a great overview of the services and the associated performance benefits.

-  Russell William

"Amazing Job"

Ben came out to our house and did and AMAZING 🤩 job. He was so thorough, and respectful. He explained everything step by step and assured us that he could help us. It is just a great feeling when you’ve been searching for help and someone FINALLY is there to help! A big thank you!

-  Nikki Akparewa

"Very Helpful"

Today (11-19-20) Tony Valdes came out for an insulation consult. I got a lot more, he was very helpful. He gave me insight to what was need and all the rebates I should (and will) take advantage of. BIG THANKS TO TONY & YORK HOME PERFORMANCE

-  Danta Merrell

"High Level Of Knowledge"

Junior came out to my house to do an assessment and I couldn't have been happier with the level of knowledge he shared and how he took time to explain to me what he was doing and why. Junior is a true professional and very very nice!

-  Anna Michaud

"Very Professional"

Ben was absolutely amazing. He was so professional and gave us all the information that we need. We will definitely call him for future jobs as well.
Thank you so much Kim and Caleb

-  Kimberly Runk

"Finally Cool In Baltimore"

Our house seem to never hold AC and keeps running continuously, due to air escaping. We’re looking forward to working with York Home Performance to get our energy use under control and stat cool this summer!

-  Rodney Johnson


You Can Email Us At
Why would BGE/PEPCO pay for my insulation?
Long story short, this program is funded by the Empower Maryland Charge on your electric bill. So technically, you're already paying for it,
Who qualifies?
All BGE and PEPCO customers, no income requirements. This is for all customers.
Why York Home Performance?
York Home Performance works with utility companies like PEPCO and BGE to help implement special insulation programs.
How much does it cost?
A lot less when BGE and PEPCO will pay up to 75%. But, each home is different and prices can greatly range.
What type of insulation do you use?
Owens Corning, Dow, Sprayfoam, Batt/Rolled.
How Does BGE/PEPCO Pay?
York Home Performance is an approved contractor in the Home Performance with Energy Star program. Allowing us to be paid directly from the utility company. So, no waiting on rebates. You only pay the difference once the job is done.

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